(Non-academic) Reading List

Having always been an avid reader, I was disappointed with myself when I fell out of the habit come term time last year. I always considered myself a Bibliophile, but exams meant that I put that title to one side. Continue reading “(Non-academic) Reading List”


Embarrassment, embarrassment, embarrassment.

I used to call myself a clutz, but I’m starting to think that this was just an excuse for embarrassing myself on an all too regular basis. I don’t know why I kept my hands in my pockets as I fell to the ground last week (not even kidding), I don’t know why I feel the need to salute rather than wave? Whatever the explanation, I embarrass myself. Here’s just one of the times I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. Continue reading “Embarrassment, embarrassment, embarrassment.”

Why aren’t we all Corbynistas?

When questioned, some people don’t even know why they oppose Jeremy Corbyn – they “just do”. Others give wildly vague answers, he’s “useless”, “ineffective” – and have no evidence to back such claims. I’m an Oh, Jeremy Corbyn chanter myself, but I’d like to let people know why it is that those who would normally support Labour dismay at the thought of Corbyn at the top of the pyramid. Continue reading “Why aren’t we all Corbynistas?”