Banana Bread

As promised, here’s this week’s foodie post! Along with lemon tarts and yorkshire pudding, banana bread has to be one of my favourite foods. And yes, it does so happen that the only recipes I’ve ever posted have been banana based… potassium’s my fave. Continue reading “Banana Bread”


My (Somewhat) Healthy Breakfast Diary

This is essentially a “what I ate in a week” post, but seeing as I’m 16 and don’t have much control over what I eat at any other mealtime, this is going to be centred around the one I do hold control over. As you may already know, for me, breakfast is the meal of the day habitually avoided. If you’re of a similar disposition, then I’d recommend doing something like this – making breakfasts you can look forward to. Or at least, that don’t come straight out of a box! Continue reading “My (Somewhat) Healthy Breakfast Diary”