Podcast Pleasures

Since starting a new college, my routine of a half hour bus journey has changed to a walk of equal timing – but it’s not equal in every way! I think the noise I’m exposed to has gone down about _ decibels since beginning to perambulate, and as such, I was listening to music and actually being able to appreciate it without the amusing but enormous inconvenience of children screeching in time with the tune. The leniance of the drivers towards radio stations no one was all that keen on didn’t exactly help with the bedlam either!

So, now I can appreciate the melodies I’m fond of. But what happens when an hour of music a day gets a little too repetitive? That’s where the Podcasts come in! They’re something I’ve rediscovered since the Summer, when I’d put a Greg James one on on my way to town. The library has widened somewhat since then, with other Radio One DJs like Matt Edmondson and Scott Mills being added to the list – and even the True Geordie Podcast once, when there was an interview with WillNE. All time favourites, though, have stayed the same – Greg James of course being one, but I’m also superbly fond of the Crash on My Couch Podcast, with Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire. As a couple and a news outlet, they’re just the most perfectly paired people. With segments like Let’s go on a Treasure Hunt!& Conspiracy Camp, their broadcast of interesting titbits of icebreakers are an earful I’m highly inclined to give an audience to.

I think it’s not difficult to say that this is a magnificently short list of podcasts to recommend, so if anyone knows of some good ones, absolutely let me know down below! And if you haven’t ever heard the joys of the organised ramblings of Podcasts, I’d hop right on to your nearest provider right about now. Soundcloud, iTunes, anywhere you can get a hold of them! The ones I’m most partial to don’t cost a penny.


Top o’ The Morning To Ya

I made my first solo trip abroad this Summer to a little place called Dublin, where some of my most favourite people live. I had an absolutely gorgeous time – family helped with that of course! (Albeit the flights over can be mega stressful… can someone tell me why they decided to get rid of my flight from the departures board on my first ever trip on a plane?). My cousin helped me be a typical tourist for the week; I thought I’d share a few snapshots of my time in the Emerald Isle. Continue reading “Top o’ The Morning To Ya”

My (Somewhat) Healthy Breakfast Diary

This is essentially a “what I ate in a week” post, but seeing as I’m 16 and don’t have much control over what I eat at any other mealtime, this is going to be centred around the one I do hold control over. As you may already know, for me, breakfast is the meal of the day habitually avoided. If you’re of a similar disposition, then I’d recommend doing something like this – making breakfasts you can look forward to. Or at least, that don’t come straight out of a box! Continue reading “My (Somewhat) Healthy Breakfast Diary”