Book a Month : Everyday Sexism

10/10. I don’t know how I could recommend this more than saying that it should be taught in schools, or at least compulsory for everyone to read! This is a book which knows and recognises the true aims of feminism, and is informative in a sometimes chilling, but always important way. And it’s not like it’s just aimed at women – a couple of men in my family had a quick read of a few parts, without me even having finished it (or having told them to!).

So… I’d say it’s a feminist bible. It was written in what, 2014? So the facts and statistics are still absolutely relevant today, not to mention the stories. I think they were the most impactful parts of the whole book – countless stories of women and their encounters with everyday sexism, making me at least realise that what we go through on an almost daily basis is not okay. That something needs to be done for women to feel as safe as men walking through a park, or down a back alley – and to simply realise that what does happen to them is wrong. The number who didn’t even realise that what they’d gone through was harassment was heartbreaking, and symptomatic of a society which normalises sexual abuse. But if everyone read this book, everyone would know!

If you can’t access the book itself, though, there’s always this website. The everyday sexism website, where all those stories I mentioned are being shared constantly. That didn’t end in 2014. Hundreds of thousands of entries, from women saying enough is enough and recognising when something is not right. For feminists and “meninists” alike, Everyday Sexism is of the utmost importance to read.

– L


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