Why Do we Love Snow?

Evolution wise, it makes zero sense – why would you want a form of weather similar to that of a deadly ice age? Why would a blanket of snow make us want to do anything other than hug one made of wool to our chest? What is it about the rarity of a snowflake that makes humans so excitable?

It might just be because snow itself is so hard to come by in most areas of Europe – I mean, they’re getting snow in Spain at the moment. I know you can get it elsewhere, and some even travel to places like Greenland and such for the weather, but there’s just something about seeing the places you go by in your everyday life covered in a blanket of the white stuff that makes it all the more exciting I reckon. And coming from an urban population, of course, there’s no crops or livestock to worry about catching a chill! (Although, gardeners may be a little on edge right about now).

But why do we love snow, when it’s a sign of climate change? For some of us, the Beast from the East is an inconvenience because of cancelled plans, or how our fashion choices have had to be affected – but the fact that it’s coinciding with rising temperatures in the Arctic is a worrying one. Our planet is letting warm air into where the cold air should be, and whilst that warm air is very much a comfort when you’re holding a hot chocolate, the fossil fuels used to power your kettle will run out some day. And then even normal chocolate will be hot eventually, if you drop it on the surface of the Earth.

Okay, so maybe that was a leeetle bit of an exaggeration. We may not get to the point where chocolate melts on contact with the ground, and I’m obviously no climatologist myself, but temperatures in the Arctic higher than a household freezer? I think I’d rather we replace fossil fuels and reverse deforestation before household fridge levels of cold hit the North and South poles. This isn’t me saying we should all have cold showers and live without electricity – just that urgent political action is needed, now.

– L


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