Book a Month: SUM

I uncovered this one from a stack of (what I think are) my brother’s old books. Of course, the logic being that everything your sibling leaves behind when they leave home is now yours… he left about a decade ago, so that logic better be justified by now!

But onto the book – being one originally purchased by someone else, this particular volume would unlikely be something I ever picked up from a bookshelf. I mean, “Tales from the Afterlives” would be pretty low on the list of what I would be looking for, being one of the many humans pretty fearful of the subject matter. But like Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island, this was a pleasantly surprising choice! I’m not your biggest fan of anything remotely philosophical, especially when it comes to the more dark side of the ideology. But this book was light hearted enough for even the most faint hearted I should think! It was a super easy read, made up of a series of short story type fictions. And they were imaginative ideas at that – making a whole anthology of your own can’t be an easy job. The sheer number of ideas he had to come up with to publish SUM has gotta be admired – but impressively, each of them offers a totally different view! The speculative fiction in every one makes for a massively mind-opening read.

On seeing the picture of the author in the back cover of this book though, I realised David Eagleman was the man responsible for a BBC documentary series on psychology which I’d watched earlier on in the year for wider “reading” – a very good series at that, and I would recommend you watch it but it’s been taken off iPlayer! Either way, this means he’s an expert on opening minds cause he’s an expert on the brain and an expert at writing as a result… I’d give SUM an expert 8 out of 10. 🙂

– L


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