Healthy Food, but Appetising.

I’ve had a little sabbatical from writing about anything foodie, not because I’m eating any less (God forbid), but because I haven’t managed to take any photographs of what I have been baking; peanut butter cookies are gone before I can think about such a thing. Alas, the wait is over! This isn’t quite a recipe, but it is a vague idea as to how I’ve been trying to make five a day look a little less rabbit food-esque – that is, when I have the time and effort not to whip out a tin of spaghetti hoops and match it with some pasta. Which apparently is a controversial combo?? There was a discussion about it at the table in my college’s canteen, one I was surprised even needed to happen! My opinion being, of course, that it was a delightful mix. Then again, I know that there are people out there who prefer a hazelnut and chocolate spread to one solely made up of chocolate, and having the controversial opinion on that matter allows me to somewhat understand those who don’t get why a spaghetti and pasta dish would ever be a tasty one.

Controversial matters aside, here’s a (sort of) healthy taste of my eating habits in a (kinda) appetising light! (I don’t usually take pictures of the takeaways and chocolates, but trust me, they’re also a regular feature of my culinary life. Apologies for using so many brackets. Enjoy!)

What this muesli and banana combo is hiding plenty of bran flakes. When we run out of bread, this is what I like to make; surprisingly the banana and milk isn’t a weird texture?! And the flakes remind me of Special K, which holds a very special place in my heart but also lots of sugar.
My favourite breakfast of all time (ignoring my Special K) – honey and banana on wholemeal toast. Filling and delicious, but not massively unhealthy. A hidden gem of breakfasts!
Super quick and easy to make in the mornings& inspired by a friend, couscous takes just a couple minutes to warm up! Pop in a couple chopped veg, and pesto if you have any, and you’ve got on your hands a very quick n tasty college meal. I’d recommend some flavoured couscous or cheese to top if you haven’t got a hold of sauce, seeing as though it’s tasty, it’s still very beige!
Being a little lazy, I bought some American cheese from Lidl the other day – certainly not nutritious, but I hope the chopped pepper and spinach side makes this one look a little more on the healthy side!
It was a tomato, mozarella and pesto panini to die for – of course, because it wasn’t made by me! The local Parsons bakery had made this one, and the spinach, cucumber and balsamic vinegar were added by me.
Making this snack to curb the urge to inhale a chocolate bar, I used some (non nutty) chocolate spread to fashion up some chocolate covered strawberries. Super quick, super tasty, barely healthy but worth it!
Don’t worry, it’s just the contrast, I didn’t eat neon food! My sardines, peas and garlic bread invention of a meal from a little while ago was obviously quite the improvisation – but it was surprisingly tasty. A small bit healthy too, the Omega 3 isn’t looking its best in this particular pic, but trust me, fish isn’t half bad sometimes!
And lastly, a real student life portrait; chip butty and chips. Heavenly. Not healthy, but I feel it needed a little of the limelight all the same. 🙂

– L


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