Notes on The Common Cold.

Hot tears, hot breath, hot forehead, yet shivering as if you’d just walked out the front door in winter weather. Ah, the joys of Cold Season. The fact that I can type this shows I’ve gotten over the worst of it, but boy oh boy. Let’s just say that I’ll be appreciating every non-aching fibre of my being for a little while!

You’ll know well by now that any sort of poor health is a total nuisance if you’ve got anything to be getting on with – and recovering is about the same speed as 3g in the countryside! But if you’ve got wifi at all better than that, you could be making a good use of your time between sniffles… I ended up following a documentary on Oasis during this particular encounter with poor health, with the initial motivation that I could close my eyes for the musical interludes. But it ended up being pretty eye-opening! It’s certainly one you should check out if it sparks your curiosity at all.

Once you can put two feet on the floor without feeling like they’ll buckle from under you, it might be an idea to try a little honey and lemon when you’re under the weather. Unfortunately, I’m not one for that particular citrusy drink, but neither am I against stumbling down the stairs for a bit of tea and honey. I heard somewhere once that honey isn’t all that bad for coughs, and I survived a trip to the theatre the other day without so much as a tickle, so I might just believe it!

And then there’s staying hydrated – pouring liquid down a sandpapery throat might sound like a good idea, but I hope it’s not just me that isn’t a fan in practice! I’d imagine if you were trekking through a desert, a mirage would be a pretty pleasing (if ultimately disappointing) spectacle. It’s much the same when you’re ill, except the disappointment is the drinking itself, not the lack of!

Anyways, I’m off to brew another mug of honey-flavoured warmth. Cheers to good health!

– L


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