The Aftermath of my DofE Expedition.

I’m not 100% certain on the number of calories I should be eating in any one period of 24 hours, but two fast food meals in one sitting is what I’d imagine to be the total.

That’s what I had on my way home from my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition – I can still remember my order! One McChicken Sandwich meal, and then a similar burger from a KFC a mere hour later. I was surprised to be too full to fit in the chips from the second meal – having been ravenous all weekend, the idea that i’d turn down some perfectly good fried potato was foreign to me.

I’m not gonna lie, I may as well have been eating out of a trough. I retained the figure you’d expect of someone who’d carried 10kg on their back walking 7 hours a day for three days, but I didn’t feel any less like a walking talking oil vat. I made an attempt to eat slightly less wickedly in the following days, but the lactic acid wreaking havoc in my muscles made any sort of healthy exercise regime virtually impossible in my eyes. To be fair, I probably could’ve given the old limbs a stretching (seeing as my body was now used to far worse), but i’d missed out on far too many new episodes of the shows Riverdale and Made in Chelsea (le guilty pleasures) to reach for any position other than curling up around my laptop.

One thing I certainly wasn’t in the position to do was school work, which was perhaps one of the most inconvenient consequences of the expedition. Out of the half term, 4 days were completely out of the question, and yet I absolutely had enough work to keep me busy for all of the 9 days. The 5 days remaining were indeed more than busy, but they did somehow leave me with only one piece of work to do on the arrival of the next term.

Academics aside, the “aftermath” of the DofE expedition was as relief-filled as you might expect. The expedition itself wasn’t actually all that bad either, seeing as I had the morale booster personified that is: my bestest friend; I’d strongly recommend bringing one along. Even if you have to carry them in your backpack. They’re worth it. 🙂

– L


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