Top o’ the Morning to Ya.

I made my first solo trip abroad this Summer to a little place called Dublin, where some of my most favourite people live. I had an absolutely gorgeous time – family helped with that of course! (Albeit the flights over can be mega stressful… can someone tell me why they decided to get rid of my flight from the departures board on my first ever trip on a plane?). My cousin helped me be a typical tourist for the week; I thought I’d share a few snapshots of my time in the Emerald Isle.I would also like to apologise to anyone with Gaelic blood in them for naming this post what I did… it’s just too much craic.

Wall art is quite possibly my favourite form of art, and i just adored this piece in Temple Bar!
image1 (2)
We didn’t go in, but this sweet shop was too adorable not to capture. Couldn’t get any without people looking at the shop window though (of course, the sweets looked too good not to gawk).
Held inside this box was quite possibly THE greatest cake ever made. It’s lemon curd (my favourite), and I got it from this place in Dún Laoghaire; Avoka needs to come to Britain. pls. I’ll make a petition if I have to x
I can’t for the life of me remember what this place was called, but it was super pretty. Also, guy sitting in chair statue, I relate. Who wants to stand up for hours on end when they can just carve you sitting down instead??
The remenants of the lemon curd cake we tucked into in Howth (apologies for the lack of actual cake here… smelt too good to postpone eating it)
We made a rainbow cake!! It took hours and alot of food colouring gels, but it was so worth it. This isn’t particularly Irish, but we were pretty pleased with such an accomplishment! Of course, it’s down to my Star Baker of a cousin. Can she pls go on Bake Off like right now?
Found this whilst killing some time before catching a Dart back to Dublin… apparently this is the weapon of choice for some Irish elders.
Get to George’s Street Arcade now for some of the best fro yo you will ever taste in your life. And they even had a game where you got it free if you guessed the weight of your yoghurt to the correct gram – I was only two off! Pot luck of course, but in any case I’d grab a pot of this.
Basic “I went on a plane !!1!!” snap.
We may not have gone inside, but boy were the Temple Bar buildings pretty. Like, almost Lily Collins level aesthetically pleasing features.
This is the Daniel O’Connell statue which was shot in the revolution in some un-PG places. Many thanks to my cousin for educating me multiple times mid mad shop!
…can you tell I like wall art yet? This was a sweet little piece we found in Howth.

– L


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