Commendable Curly Hair Habits.

I’m planning on (literally) chopping and changing it in a couple days, but I’ve recently discovered some tricks to taming the mane that is curly hair. It’s only in my teenage years that my hair has developed its corkscrews, so I’ve been completely unaware of how to maintain such a hair type for about a year now. Can you believe it, I never used to put any product in it?!

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some discoveries for anyone similarly overwhelmed by their frizz… before mine is cut off!


  1. Quiet as a Mousse

It may not sound all that extraordinary, but it’s done wonders for my hair! I brush some through my damp hair after washing, and it may only hold my curls rigidly for about a day, but it keeps them frizz-free – and that’s a perk if I ever heard one! I use the Joico Thermal Design Foam (because it was all I could find in the house), but I’ve heard that it doesn’t really matter whether it’s from Sassoon or the supermarket. They all do the same job.


2. Curly Girls need Curly Wurly

I popped into Lush recently, planning on just checking out their shampoo and conditioner ranges, but as usual, I was approached as soon as I got there… and ended up buying a large pot of shampoo. (Does anyone have some tips on saying “no” once in a while?!) However, this wasn’t a wasted trip! This shampoo is actually pretty great, even though it doesn’t smooth down hair all that much. It goes above and beyond to moisturise it – which is, of course, a life saver for spirals!

Screenshot 2017-08-23 at 10.03.59

3. “Plopping”

Let’s just pretend they didn’t name this technique what they did. It’s actually really helpful if you’re not keen on splashing the cash on a diffuser for your hair dryer, or would simply like to air dry your hair without looking like a lion when you walk out of the house. I learnt the technique from this site, and they explain it better than I ever could!

As you can tell, I’m a complete novice at this, but I hope these few fragments of advice can help somehow. 🙂

– L



    • I’ll be sure to recommend that lotion to a friend, from what you say it sounds like it does precisely what it says on the tin! Unfortunately I’m allergic to most things in lush, but I certainly love the hair products (and smells). Thank you so much for checking out my post!xx


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