My (Somewhat) Healthy Breakfast Diary.

This is essentially a “what I ate in a week” post, but seeing as I’m 16 and don’t have much control over what I eat at any other mealtime, this is going to be centred around the one I do hold control over. As you may already know, for me, breakfast is the meal of the day habitually avoided. If you’re of a similar disposition, then I’d recommend doing something like this – making breakfasts you can look forward to. Or at least, that don’t come straight out of a box!

Oddly enough, for me, this makes it feel like less of a chore? I genuinely went through a phase of having ‘Weetabix to go’ for breakfast; solid food just wasn’t my cup of tea when it came to breakfast. Breakfast wasn’t my cup of tea when it came to breakfast.

Liquid food was my last ditch effort at getting calories in before school; and now I’m making something vaguely healthy every morning! How times change. *Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be a breakfast or health connoisseur. These are my humble views – feel free to take them with a pinch of salt… or a barrel full*

Morning One: Berry& Banana Waffles


I’d recommend having some sort of condiment to go along with this, perhaps honey? Whatever your preference is, I’d use something just so that the waffle isn’t too dry. (Nigella vibes, amirite?)

Morning Two: Strawberry& Chocolate Nice Cream


This would’ve been great if I’d known what in the world I was doing. As it was, I left it in the freezer overnight… when I defrosted it, only the edges were free of ice particles. Follow recipes, kids!

Morning Three: Strawberry, Banana& Syrup Porridge


The syrup I speak of is the flavour of the porridge itself; Quaker Oats ‘Oat So Simple’ sachets. Tastes too good to make it myself!

Morning Four: Kiwis& Eggy Bread


Kiwis were the only fruit available in the house; I wouldn’t recommend this mixture. In future, I’d ditch the illusion that it’s at all healthy and go for a side of ketchup. (I know Heston, I’m a disappointment)

Morning Five: Banana Pancake, Waffles, Melon and Honey Drizzle


I think the honey drizzle was a good shout (learning from the berry& banana morning). But as you can just about see, the banana pancake didn’t turn out all that attractive that particular morning (yes, I did hide it). Tasted good though – what truly matters. Also, the only fruit in the house was melon – if I’d had the choice, I’d probably have used blueberries.

Morning Six: Chocolate Covered Waffles, Kiwi and Greek Yoghurt


I would’ve put raspberries on those waffles if there were any around. Also, waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much yoghurt in that bowl. And I’m not sure whether it was the kiwi or the yoghurt which was sour, but I wasn’t a fan!

I hope this will inspire some moderately healthy morning meals of your own! Or even, an unmistakably healthy one? The world is your oyster. Sorry for putting and at the beginning of sentences.

– L


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