Why aren’t we all Corbynistas?

When questioned, some people don’t even know why they oppose Jeremy Corbyn – they “just do”. Others give wildly vague answers, he’s “useless”, “ineffective” – and have no evidence to back such claims. I’m an Oh, Jeremy Corbyn chanter myself, but I’d like to let people know why it is that those who would normally support Labour dismay at the thought of Corbyn at the top of the pyramid.

Where to begin? There are some arguments with absolutely no substance, such as those presented by papers (AHEM Daily Mail), who think his lack-lustre wardrobe is a worthy reason for voting against abolishing tuition fees and the reasonable management of migration.

Some merely think he isn’t a “born leader”, and so can’t lead a government. Some don’t agree with his views, such as his anti-monarchist stance (even though he has stated that it is absolutely not on his agenda to abolish the monarchy). His anti-nuke ideals do not sit well with some, as does the fact that he has rebelled against Labour’s whip numerous times.

The most obvious reason for Labour party supporters not supporting this current leader, however, is because of his hard-right Brexit views. He is in no way in support of a soft Brexit, and even though his party was firmly Remain in the campaigning leading up to the Referendum, he let his own opinions affect how he supported his party on this. Appearing on topical chat show The Last Leg, he rated his passion for Remain to be only “7.5/10”. Not exactly the rating a leader with strong convictions would give! Still, given that Labour was Remain, it is clear why some supporters have chosen to oppose such a leader. It may have been okay to rebel when he was a regular MP and didn’t want to follow the party whip, but many share the opinion that such a habit shouldn’t have been carried through to his leadership.

However, if I could, I would have voted Labour this year. I’m not all that interested in who he’s friends with or what he wears. Here’s an overview of his key policies (what the public should really have been voting for, rather than right-wing propaganda):

  • Scrapping of tuition fees
  • Nationalisation of England’s water companies
  • Higher tax for higher earners
  • More free childcare for under 4s
  • End of zero hour contracts
  • Employment of higher numbers of police officers and firefighters

– L

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