Not a Film Critic!

A gem of literary circles, now a hidden gem of the motion picture world, Before I Fall is the movie adaption of Lauren Oliver’s novel. 

New this year, the Netflix original is sure to tug on many a heart string. Covering topics like mental health and showing life from a bully’s perspective are just some of the ways in which this film has a unique voice. Such a voice should be heard! The message is unique, too. Despite being based entirely around the last day of a teen’s life, the moral is not that you should live every day like it’s your last, or that time is finite for us all. It’s not even a PSA on drink driving.

No, it’s how every little action we do affects others. With the groundhog day-esque experience of the protagonist, the film easily plays with the “butterfly effect”. It’s not concealed that this is an integral part of what the film is trying to tell its viewers; the protagonist gets a whole lot of second chances. Chances to change her actions, chances to be the effect she wants to be. (It’s also not at all as cliché as it may sound).

Whilst not being highly intellectual or too “deep”, it still does an admirable job of getting its message across emotionally. Despite having a fairly morbid basis to it, this film has a feel-good factor to it, too. It made me both cry and smile. I have a feeling it’s going to be a little brushed under the rug like many other Netflix originals, but it’s 100% worth the watch in my eyes!

– L


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