(Virtually) Free Things to do with Friends.

My year is about 2 weeks into our school holiday now, and already our purses are getting lighter. And it’s not because we’re carrying more notes!Despite scrimping here and there, there’s no getting around the fact that going out is a costly ordeal. Unfortunately none of us have won the lottery recently, so the likelihood that we can keep being so careless with cash is very slim. Therefore, I thought I’d help the blogging community with some ideas for what to do when we’re not tapping on the keyboard and want to save some dough.

On the rainy days…

  1. Invite them over to bake (different sort of dough)
  2. Visit a free museum
  3. Volunteer together
  4. Go swimming (slides preferable)
  5. Have a movie/TV show marathon
  6. Board Game party
  7. Host a gathering
  8. Video game tournament
  9. Try out origami (or something else equally time consuming, whilst you try to figure out what all the arrows mean)
  10. Host a card games/poker evening (instead of betting money, bet food… be gamble aware pls)

On the sunny days…

  1. Pack a picnic for the park (apologies for the plosives)
  2. Go hiking
  3. Check out the “community calendar”
  4. Make up your own walking tour of the nearest town over
  5. Play Frisbee
  6. Go on a bike ride (use heavy duty locks)
  7. Pop to the nearest beach (use heavy duty sun cream)

As you can most likely tell, I’m somewhat more used to rainy British weather than anything else – my “save for a rainy day” jar is often empty. Anyways, I hope this will have been useful in some way!

– L


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