Yuletide Jibber Jabber.

I don’t personally live by the “new year, new me” motto, but there is something I do tell myself every December – “next year, for sure, I will be more organised for Christmas”.

I’ve been telling myself that ever since I started high school; once I started juggling gift giving with homework& the like. At sixteen, I still haven’t managed to perfect the precise art of multitasking! This year, revising for mock exams and planning out presents have not been done in equal measure. I’d made a few notes of what to get people here&there, but those notes would (metaphorically) be at the bottom of the pile, under the comparatively enormous stacks of work needing to be done! School may be very useful, but it sure does get in the way of things!

I’m putting myself under no illusions next year – I know that Christmas will forever be a rather hectic time for us all, and I’ll be sure to feel the stress of it all at some points in the month. However, I will aim to give myself reasonable targets – no more baking on Christmas eve! Unless I can find elves up for baking with me just before the big day, cupcakes are going to have to wait for a time at which we’re not supposed to be playing board games and sticking our teeth together with toffees jaw-achingly good.

In the end, Christmas itself was as enjoyable as ever – so much so that I’m still wearing candy cane socks… my secret act of rebellion against the season of yuletide being over. I hope to be just as jolly next year, and I wish for anyone reading this to be merry too. Until next year, Santa!

– L

Music I listened to whilst writing this post:

  • Rival Sons – Hollow Bones (Album)

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